We currently number some 50 members in our fellowship, and we are ordinary people from a variety of backgrounds, and engaged in a wide range of employment, including public service.

Our congregation is made up of men, women and children of all ages, who live in and around Newbury and wider afield, including Andover, Basingstoke, Bicester and Marlborough. We even have one member who lives at Mons in Belgium (and is an enthusiastic member of the local cricket team there!).

Many of our members are involved in wider activity within the Christadelphian fellowship, including preaching, leading worship, and also in the mission field overseas with strong links with Estonia, India, Colombia and other places.

Christadelphians in Newbury began with our brother Philip Edward Davies. Philip was born in 1853 and, in course of time, became Secretary to a large Baptist congregation in Newbury. He then joined the Strict Baptists before becoming a Christadelphian at the age of 39. He was baptised on June 4th 1892. The Christadelphian Magazine of July 1892 recorded the event and added 'his obedience established a witness for the truth in a fresh town and we hope that results may follow the efforts he put forward.' His efforts started the following day, a Sunday, when an open air meeting was held.

Brother J. Dyer and brother J. Nutley were baptised the following year. So it was on November 30th 1893 that five brethren resolved to form a Christadelphian ecclesia (our congregation). Philip Davies was elected as 'Recording Brother' (secretary) and it was agreed to purchase an organ for £6.14s.6d.

Finding a suitable place to worship was a problem and after much searching, the Ebeneezer Chapel in Wharf Road was found and a tenancy was agreed starting from Sunday August 1894 at a rent of 2s.6d a week.

In 1894 a small Sunday School was established.

Since then, the ecclesia has moved venues several times:-
  • 1902-1919 Masonic Hall on Northbrook St.
  • 1919-1935 Oddfellows Hal in Craven Road.
  • 1939-1945 During the war the hall was occupied by the military and the private sitting room of the Caretaker, Mr. Beckley, was used.
  • 1948-1956 We met in Wharf St. Hall
In 1974 a hall on the current site in Lower Way, Thatcham was purchased. The building served us well for many years and many services, baptisms, and Sunday school activities were held there. Having lasted far longer than predicted the hall became no longer maintainable. We have now been blessed with the resources to rebuild on the existing site.

The current building was opened on 9th July 2006 after meeting for 9 months in the Kennet Heath Community Centre, near Thatcham railway station.

Over the years, Christadelphians have continued to witness to the people of Newbury about their faith, holding public talks, running extensive preaching efforts (campaigns) the first of which was in 1957. In 1967 there was a stand at the Newbury Show when over 3,000 people passed through the 'Destiny of Man' exhibition.

Our congregation numbers some 50 members, of a wide variety of backgrounds and engaged in an equally variety of work. Many of our members are active on a broader basis within the UK Christadelphian fellowship, in leading worship, and in the mission field abroad.